Stop Complaining! How You’re Unintentionally Turning People Off

Do you know someone who always finds something to complain about? Have you noticed how you never feel like hanging out with them? Continue reading “Stop Complaining! How You’re Unintentionally Turning People Off”


Facing your Fears- 1 Surprisingly Powerful Method

Believe it or not, facing your fears is a skill, and like any skill, it must be cultivated if you ever wish to become better at it.  Continue reading “Facing your Fears- 1 Surprisingly Powerful Method”

Reinvent Yourself!

The last day of high school. It’s a day filled with mixed emotions. But perhaps just for me. As I sat amongst my peers, I heard very straightforward confirmations of their feelings towards being done with schooling: they were either ecstatic to be finished or already missing it all. Continue reading “Reinvent Yourself!”