Ponderings – Life’s a Marathon

Do you ever think about how often we ever stop and think? I swear, sometimes it feels like my brain’s sprinting towards a finish line that it’ll never reach. When did everything become so stressful, when did our schedules suddenly fill up and leave us with no time for the things we actually enjoy? 

We’re busy, I get it. But remember, like any journey, life’s a marathon, not a sprint. You wouldn’t want to sprint ahead the first minute then burn yourself out, right? So just like in a marathon, it’s OK to slow down, take a break. 

I’ll drive my point home with this: the best time to make time for yourself is when you have none. 

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5 thoughts on “Ponderings – Life’s a Marathon

  1. I like the way you word your thoughts, nicely done. Often times we race to the finish line and then forgot how we got there, all too often we focus on where we are going and never stop to enjoy the journey. Completely agree with you, great work!

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    1. Absolutely, we have to remind ourselves to stop and “smell the roses” sometimes haha. If we don’t slow down, we miss everything that’s going on around us, all the little things which, when we look back some day on our life, realize they were actually the big things. Thanks Louis!

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  2. “the best time to make time for yourself is when you have none.” – Maybe because that’s when you need it the most, right?

    If you want time, you’ve got to make time. After all, we decide on what we spend our time. We decide what matters and what not. It’s all a matter of priorities.

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