A Goal in Your Head

You’ve got a goal, in your head

You take it with you every night to bed

For many nights you dreamed it true

‘Till you realised you’ve got some work to do

You tell your friends, your family

But they don’t share your energy

Instead they ask why you even try

And you’re not really sure how to reply

Their doubts seep in, they crowd your thoughts

Deafening, like banging pans and pots

But you shift your attention, you finally try

You do your best, reach for the sky

You learn something as it sets in

That sometimes you just can’t win

You failed and you don’t know why

“But I tried my best!” you cry

Sorry, but things don’t always go,

The way that you dreamed them so

Wait, you said you tried your best?

Then why are you acting all depressed?

You gave it your all for everyone to see

Doesn’t sound like a failure to me

You’ll tumble, you’ll trip, you’ll stumble and fall

But if you’re getting back up, it means nothing at all

It’s when you stay down when you haven’t prevailed


That is when you’ve truly failed.

Image by 547877 on Pixabay






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