#8Sunday 06/25/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Sparks of Determination”

Last week’s post was titled “Disparities of the Past” for a reason: things are very different from how Johanan remembers them. It seems to him that his memories, his longing for younger days, is all he has left of how things used to be. Such painful memories would normally haunt someone, cast them into a pit of depression- though as you’ll see, Johanan chooses to use them for motivation. Not something that many people can easily do.

We’re jumping into another climax of the “Vengeance in Valor” series, but before we start, a quick shout-out to Weekend Writing Warriors for making these writing events possible. If you’re interested and want to join in on the fun, follow the link above to their site, where you’ll find all the info you’ll need for their events, as well as an awesome community of writers with works spanning all sorts of genres- from fantasy to romance to poetry. My snippet for this Sunday:

At least, it used to be. As Johanan stood in the center of the square- or what was left of it- he saw only a hollowed-out shell of that mystical utopia he and his sister would dream of. No farmers sold their produce. No cobblers neatly arranged their footwear. No jewelers displayed their treasures. The smell of baking bread had been replaced by the smell of smoke. Upon walking up to his father’s forge, he saw a pile of rubble instead, and peering inside, could just make out his old stone anvil buried beneath a pile of charred bricks.  

Again he experienced the same eerie silence as before when in the forest- yet this time it didn’t send a shiver down his spine. This time, it filled him with rage. He raised his gaze to the castle and set off once more, though this time with a determination that blazed inside of him.



If you’re interested in reading the story in full you can head over to Wattpad– a writing platform for writers to share their works and read others’- and read it here.

Image by Unsplash on Pixabay


34 thoughts on “#8Sunday 06/25/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Sparks of Determination”

    1. Thanks Diane. It’s definitely one of the more emotional scenes of the series. The destruction before him has brought painful memories to the surface, and they’re filling him with a fierce determination.


    1. Yeah there’s a very noticeable contrast. You can’t blame him for how he feels though; if I were to come home and find it in pieces, everyone I love fighting for their lives in the streets, it would definitely be enough to fuel my anger too. Thanks Hywela!


    1. Well he’s definitely not going to let whoever is behind all of this destruction and chaos get away with it all. And he’s going to meet this mysterious usurper very soon. Thanks Christina!

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