Her Turn on the Swing

It’s her turn on the swing, yet she says nothing,

In the blink of an eye, the seat’s been filled,

It’s a painful reality that makes her eyes sting,

And replaces her happiness with guilt

Her words die in her throat

As she forgets she has a voice


Her poem’s won the school’s writing contest, a work of art!

Yet she’s forgotten to write her name, how rash,

She watches with a heavy heart,

As the poem’s tossed in the trash

Her words die in her throat

As she forgets she has a voice 


Her son’s gotten into trouble at school,

They’re at a meeting with his teacher,

He mocks the boy, calls him stupid, a fool,

Yet she doesn’t speak up, doesn’t stir

Her words die in her throat

As she forgets she has a voice


Her grandkids ask her for some advice, some wisdom, 

So as she looks back on her life,

She realizes her mistakes, why she’s always felt numb,

And tells them what she learned from her strife:

“Speak up when it’s your turn on the swing,

Don’t let your work get thrown away,

Stand up to bullies, even if you leave with your arm in a sling,

And you’ll grow more confident with every day”

Her words finally escape her throat

As she remembers she has a voice


Image by biancamentil on Pixabay













7 thoughts on “Her Turn on the Swing

  1. Hi Jake. Born in the ’30’s women were taught not to ask for anything, not even a turn on the swing. I’ve learned to speak up in a different way, always gentle and loving. never demanding. If only I’d said it’s my turn on the swing.
    Thanks for this incredible poem with so much meaning.


    1. Well I’m glad you learned to speak up eventually. It’s not an easy thing do to, especially today, but I feel that if we never stand up for ourselves we’ll regret it later in life. Thanks for reading Charmaine glad you liked it! I figured some poetry would be a nice addition to the site


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