#8Sunday 06/11/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Intruders”

Yeah, it’s been like a month since my last snippet. In my defense, I had no idea how busy the last month of high school can be. And of course, after graduation I assumed that it was all finally over- I was gravely mistaken.

Enough excuses though- we’re back to Johanan, and he’s still not having a lot of fun with these new friends of his. If you missed my last snippet I’ll include it here: “Port”. Also, if you missed the last installation of the Vengeance in Valor series following Ser Johanan, here it is: “Dread”. Lastly, if you’d like to get involved in these weekly excerpts, you can head on over to Weekend Writing Warriors for all the information you need on their writing events.

To keep these excerpts from becoming monotonous or too drawn out, I’ll be filling you in on what happens in-between key parts of the story. Following the last installation, Johanan has since made it to Valdenwell, only to find its main portcullis lying in disrepair on the ground and several structures either burning or already crumbling to the ground. He discovers a large battering ram sitting nearby the fallen portcullis, and after close inspection of a strange insignia emblazoned on the end of its cap, he realizes who these intruders are: vikings.

He heard shuffling feet behind him and whirled around to see one of the barbarians charging after him, shield raised and spear pointed at his heart. Instinctively, Johanan rolled out of the way as the brute barreled past him.  

Rising, Johanan groped for his crossbow which hung from a sling behind his back and quickly loaded an arrow as the man let out an “Aarrgghh!” and started towards him again. Johanan had never been the best shot, so raising the sights, he aimed for center of mass and pulled the trigger. The arrow sunk into the attacker’s right shoulder, causing him to take a step back, yet still he came. Johanan loaded another, and as the man came within ten feet of him, he knew that if he didn’t make this next shot count, it could be his last. He placed the sights on the man’s forehead this time, and fired once more. 

The arrow flew true, hitting its mark just under the rim of his helmet. He slumped to the ground at Johanan’s feet.  

Image by Unsplash on Pixabay


17 thoughts on “#8Sunday 06/11/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Intruders”

    1. Thanks Veronica, I did take a little break but I shouldn’t be AS busy anymore haha. I always try to give a detailed description for every scene- thanks for the feedback!


    1. Thanks for the feedback Teresa, always appreciated. And thanks for the congrats, it’s been a long thirteen years for that piece of paper saying “you’re done” haha


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