#8Sunday 04/09/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Inhabitance”

Another Sunday, another snippet! Picking up where last week’s entry, “Dusk”, left off, we’ll find Johanan waking up to a scene quite different from the lively campsite from the night prior. And remember, if you want to join in on these weekly snippets, all you have to do is head over to Weekend Writing Warriors to learn all about their weekly writing events! My entry for this Sunday:

Johanan awoke early the next morning with a smile- and a rather sore neck- to a chorus of chirping birds welcoming the new day. He rose, rubbing his eyes as he stumbled towards the campsite, eager to see what meal Darlwyn, famous for his cooking, would have waiting for them. Whatever it was, he hoped it didn’t involve skunk.

As he stretched his arms towards a clear, blue sky overhead though, he was disappointed. There was no Darlwyn and no concoction cooking by the fire. In fact, he saw no fire at all; only cooling embers and wisps of smoke dissipating in the morning’s slight, cool breeze. Puzzled, Johanan started back to his tent to begin disassembling it and stopped.

All six of the tents’ entrance flaps were wide open, fluttering in the breeze. As Johanan peered inside each tent, he found no one. Even more disturbing, there weren’t any signs of prior inhabitance; no boots sat near the entrances, no equipment hung from hooks inside…

Image by Unsplash from Pixabay


18 thoughts on “#8Sunday 04/09/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Inhabitance”

    1. The encumbering hold of slumber is a force to be reckoned with, especially when nodding off to a warm, crackling fire nearby and a chorus of crickets around you. Not that I’m trying to make any excuses for Johanan ;).

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  1. I am intrigued! I’m all shades of curious. Good job setting up a mystery. One thing…a typo perhaps? “He was no Darlwyn…” Did you mean ” There” was no…?” Also, love the unexpected skunk reference.

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