#8Sunday 04/02/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Dusk”

These entries have been pretty action-packed so far, so for this week’s entry I figured we’d take a step back and relax for a moment ( “Acting Quickly” was last week’s if you missed it).
Continuing with my story (which I’ve managed to finally come up with a name for: “Vengeance in Valor”), we’ll step away from the drama and intensity, so you can stay comfortable in your seat this week. Also, Baen Books’ writing contest stopped accepting submissions yesterday, so now we keep our fingers crossed and see how “Vengeance in Valor” does! And of course, if you want to get involved in these weekly entries, you can head over to Weekend Writing Warriors for all the info you need on these events. Here’s my entry for this Sunday:

As dusk began to fall upon the forest, the men returned to the clearing. Unraveling their packs, they set up camp near the riverbed, fashioning makeshift tents and a fire with which they cooked their trophies over. They feasted until their trousers could stretch no more and told stories until their eyelids grew heavy. As one by one started to drift into slumber, Johanan volunteered to take first watch, staring out into a vast darkness. As the flames of the fire began to dwindle, he scouted around the edge of the clearing in search of what dry firewood he could find.

Returning to the camp, he tossed the tinder into the fire and watched the flames devour the wood until returning to their original height. Propping himself up below the old target on the giant oak, he fought to fend off slumber’s embrace, yet to no avail. As the flames of the fire danced before him, he let the soft chirping of crickets around them lull him to sleep…

Image by Unsplash from Pixabay


37 thoughts on “#8Sunday 04/02/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Dusk”

  1. It’s called being on watch for a reason–to watch. Sleep is something altogether different. I think he’s going to figure that out real quick. His friend’s aren’t going to be pleased with him either, I bet. Nice scene!

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    1. Hey Cara, thanks for dropping by! Dosing off isn’t the best idea he’s had, and he’s gonna find that out real soon! Thanks for the feedback, I always try to immerse the reader as best I can!


  2. I thought you created a very peaceful setting. I’m envisioning camaraderie and release of tension in this scene. Maybe Veronica sees the lulling of a false sense of security? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

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    1. Thanks for dropping by Andrea! It is a relaxing scene, an escape from stress and drama, but the tension’s about to pick right back up soon. Let’s just say he’s in for a rude awakening!


    1. Hey Rachel, thanks for dropping by! Yeah, he’s definitely in for a rude awakening, let’s just say that. Stay tuned; things are going to get interesting to say the least!


    1. Hey Kim, thanks for reading and for the feedback, I always strive to immerse the reader into the scene as best I can. Let’s just say they really should’ve gotten someone else to take watch! Stay tuned, but I should warn you, things aren’t exactly going to get better for our tragic hero!

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    1. Thanks Veronica, I always strive to put the reader right into the scene as best I can. No, you’re right, it’s not exactly the safest spot to set up camp. And when you fall asleep while on watch… stay tuned, things are gonna get interesting!


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