#8Sunday 03/26/17 WeWriWa Entry: “Acting Quickly”

For this week’s entry I figured I’d take a break from my first perilous installment (here’s last week’s, “An Attempt at Diplomacy”, if you missed it) and switch over to another series, a short story I’ve been working on for a few weeks for Baen Books’ writing contest. As always, if you want to get involved in these weekly submissions you can head over to Weekend Writing Warriors for all the info on their writing events. Here’s just one snippet from the story- and don’t worry, if you’ve started sinking back in your seat, this one will make you jump right back to the edge of it:

Johanan knew he had to act quickly. He loaded an arrow and fired into the man’s back, causing him to loosen his grip on the axe. It was enough for Johanan’s father to wrench it free, and using the butt of its wooden handle, struck the man in the temple, knocking him out cold and sending him crashing to the floor. He looked up and noticed Johanan standing in the doorway.

“Catch!” he yelled and tossed the axe at him. Johanan caught the axe running. Holding it out in front of him, he put his head down and collided with the woman. He kept pushing, gritting his teeth and shouting at the top of his lungs until there was nowhere else for her to go than out a closed window. Glass shattered as the woman tumbled out of the house and onto the street below where she lay still.

Image by Unsplash  from Pixabay 


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