#8Sunday 03/19/17 WeWriWa Entry: “An Attempt at Diplomacy”

This week’s WeWriWa entry will pick up where my first entry “Gap” left off. You can head on over to Weekend Writing Warriors to find all the info you need about their writing events and how to participate. Here’s my entry, where we find our explorer in a pretty tight spot:

“Whoa whoa whoa, let’s just put the guns down and talk about this,” I suggest.

“Talk?” the taller, dark-skinned man replies. “What’s there to talk about? Looks like we’ve got our path blocked, but…” – he crouches and unzips my backpack- “a bag full ‘a stuff we need.”

“How’s this: we take your stuff, your guns, and you let us pass,” the shorter man begins. “You don’t, we drop him. What’s it gonna be?”

I hear John and Mark sigh behind me as they place their guns on the ground a few feet away from them. “Okay, c’mon back Eleizer, we gotta let ’em pass,” John says.

I turn around slowly and begin making my way back, trying to focus on Mark’s and John’s piercing stares at the men rather than on the old board shifting in the snow from the wind.

Image by Unsplash  from Pixabay 



13 thoughts on “#8Sunday 03/19/17 WeWriWa Entry: “An Attempt at Diplomacy”

    1. You’re right, it does have that Western feel to it what with him being stuck between four guns and facing such a stressful ultimatum! Just minus the backpack haha


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