Ponderings – Ideas

Ideas solve problems, become inventions, cure diseases, build cities, make discoveries, write books, sing songs. They are the foundation of our lives and make the world go ’round. Yet if always kept enclosed in the confines of our minds, if never shared, never acted upon, they will surely come with us to the graveyard as just that: an idea.


6 thoughts on “Ponderings – Ideas

    1. They can, they make the world go ’round after all. But if never acted upon, they’ll never be brought into the light of reality. It’s so important to not only come up with great ideas, but to take action with them.

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  1. That’s right. We shouldn’t hold back those ideas that are worth sharing. Let’s make them count.
    Often, people kept their ideas to themselves out of fear of rejection or ridicule. Yet if we just take a moment to realize, great ideas that changed the world had mostly been
    subjected to criticism and ridicule – Galileo’s theory that the earth is round, Einstein’s theory of relativity, are just a couple examples.
    Motivating post Jake!

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    1. I always look forward to your feedback Andrei, always great insight. You’re right, that’s what holds a lot of people back, that fear of rejection or ridicule, and honestly, it’s a tragedy. I’ve always thought that the best thing you can do is at least try. I feel that’s something we all owe to ourselves. Whether it works out or not, we know we tried our best. These blogs are great examples. You and I both had an idea of reaching out to people through writing, and we turned our ideas into reality. Now if everyone did that, I can’t imagine what the world would be like.

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