Ponderings – Cycles

If we were to hold a moment and reflect on our past mistakes and the lessons learned from making them, we would wield  the power to see the error of our ways. Our undesirable habits are just that: habits, vicious cycles which can be broken, but only once we understand what holds them together. 


3 thoughts on “Ponderings – Cycles

  1. I agree. Internalization and self-assessment is needed to bring conciousness to ourselves, our current status of emotions, attitude and being. Habits are formed by accumulation of routines and practices that in time became our autopilot. Hence, we need to target them specifically in order to find ways to break the cycle of undesirable habits.
    Nice post, Jake. I need this as I’m currently planning to be more disciplined and build new healthy habits as well. This is just what I needed! ☺

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    1. Hey Andrei! Discipline is definitely a vital part of breaking such habits. I wrote about how we must find what it is that is keeping us stuck in the cycle, but that’s only the first step. Self-discipline will set us in motion and enable us to break free from the habits. I’m glad my insight could help!

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