Blogger Recognition Award

I was recently nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award, a completely unexpected yet awesome surprise and honor. A huge shout-out to ThisDarlingAdventure for the nomination; thanks so much! blogger-recognition-award-badge

If you want to participate in the Blogger Recognition Award, here are a few simple rules:

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

2. Write a post showing your award.

3. Tell a brief story about how you started your blog.

4. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

5. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate.

6. Comment on each blog letting them know they’ve been nominated, and provide a link to your award post.

How Jake’sJournal Began

Writing has always been a hobby and passion of mine. Writing, in any form, is an outward expression of who you are, what you think and feel, how you stand on certain subjects and topics. A medium of expression where the only limit truly is your imagination. As far as Jake’sJournal goes, it was simply a matter of sitting down one day not too long ago, quickly thinking of a unique title (Jake’sJournal might not be the most unique, but it holds true to the basic theme of the blog- that, and the name has just sort of stuck for now) and writing about the first thing that popped into my head. I still remember my first post, about the importance of being grateful, and how proud of myself I was to have made my first post.

Like I stated above, while the main theme of the blog may be a journal-type collection of my thoughts, the main focus of the blog has never really been solidified. I’m always experimenting with new and different kinds of posts and writing styles, while at the same time trying to maintain some kind of a central focus: things I find to be inspirational/motivational or that will prompt people to look at the world with a different perspective and ask questions about their own lives.

A Bit Of Advice

Find what you’re passionate about. What I think is crucial for not just aspiring bloggers, but writers in general, is to define what it is that gives them a sense of purpose, something to strive for or share with others. Your passion serves as a great source of inspiration, and will definitely come in handy when you come across the dreaded “writer’s block”, every writer’s worst nightmare.

Just sit down and write. Much like writing a book (another goal of mine), sometimes an idea might not always come to you as soon as you sit down. I don’t always know what I’ll write about next, and for those unplanned days, I simply sit down and start writing about whatever pops into my head. And be sure that no matter what it is you decide to write, you’re writing it for you. Writing to entertain or inform others is great, but try to remember to also stay true to yourself, and convey this sincerity through your words. To “just be yourself” is a cheesy cliché nowadays, I know, but if what you’re writing has meaning to you, the quality of your writing instantly improves.

My Nominees

THOUGHT AVENUE: Speak your mind, RHAPSODYBOHEME, photobaugh, Vincent Carlos, Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, Jay Colby, LEYA, Betcha Didn’t Know!, ACTIVATE YOUR ALL,                    Is it all in your head?!



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