When’s The Last Time?

When’s the last time you did something instead of putting it off?

When’s the last time you went on that run you tell yourself to go on every morning?

Finished work when it was assigned instead of procrastinating?

Worked on that book you stopped writing?

Went to church instead of sleeping in every Sunday?

Stuck up for yourself?

Called your parents to tell them you love them?

Got in touch with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while?

Booked that awesome trip you always think about?

Challenged yourself?

Did something you were afraid to do?

When’s the last time you realized that you’re worth it? That you owe it to yourself to make it a priority to reach your goals instead of setting them aside? You might not have made the best decisions in the past. You might feel like you’ve come too far to make a new beginning. Well…

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson

Image by user Unsplash on Pixabay



3 thoughts on “When’s The Last Time?

    1. Asking yourself these questions tend to bring you back into the past. I feel it’s necessary, though, to look back on the things you didn’t do so well on, in order to do better moving forwards. Learning from our mistakes is crucial in developing ourselves; it’s perhaps the only way to make sure we never make them again.


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