How Are You Spending Your Time?

“Today is the only important day! There are 86,400 seconds in a day, and how you use those are critical!”- Eric Thomas

I just recently discovered E.T.- a motivational speaker, author, and minister- and his powerful way with words a few months ago, through a YouTube video, and you can find those words here . It’s a truly motivational statement that makes you realize how precious every second of our lives really is. It made me stop and think: “How am I spending my time?”

A lot of people want a lot of things.

A big house, a lot of money, a better career, better relationships. Success. But they’re not doing anything about it. Day after day goes by with not much changing, and they’re stuck scratching their heads, wondering why they don’t have any of these things. You can want and wish your whole life away, if you do it long enough. Sort of a scary thought to think of how many people have taken their dreams, their goals, their ideas to the grave with them, something I quoted Les Brown on in an earlier post.

Why does this happen to some people?

I think it has a lot to do with what we choose to invest our time into, and I also think our daily routines are partly to blame. We all have obligations and commitments to attend to every day, like work, school, taking care of loved ones. As a current student with a part-time job, school activities, family commitments, I understand that our routines tend to take up a lot of our time. But they don’t have to take up all of it. We can set aside chunks of our days to work on other things, things we secretly strive for, things we secretly aspire to be, if we so choose to. Because if you never make the time to work on them, will they ever become a reality?

Ask yourself how you’re spending your time, and if you find you don’t have enough of it to work on you, then make time. Maybe, instead of investing in things that don’t serve you or bring you closer to your goals, you should start investing in yourself. It’s the best investment you’ll ever make.

Image by user Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay


10 thoughts on “How Are You Spending Your Time?

    1. Thanks James, that’s well said, I never thought of time in that way. I’ll be a graduating senior from high school this summer, and as this year in particular can get pretty stressful at times, I feel writing on my blog is a great way to clear my head and regain my focus.

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        1. Thanks, yeah it definitely is important, a lot of decisions to make haha. Thanks for the encouragement, I feel like a blog is a great way to reach out to a lot of different people and hopefully make an impact, big or small, on their lives.

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