The Young Buffalo

One day, on the plains of Africa, a young buffalo named Walter approached his dad and asked him if there was anything that he should be afraid of. “Only lions, my son,” his dad responded. “Oh yes, I’ve heard about lions,” said Walter. “If I ever see one, I’ll turn and run as fast as I can.”

“No, that’s the worst thing you can do,” said the large male.

“Why?” asked Walter. “They’re scary and will try to catch me.”

The father smiled and explained, “Walter, if you run away, the lions will chase you and they will catch you. And when they do, they’ll jump on your unprotected back and bring you down.”

“So what should I do?” asked Walter.

“If you ever see a lion,” answered his dad, “stand your ground to show him you’re not afraid. If he doesn’t go away, show him your sharp horns and stomp the ground with your hooves. If that doesn’t work, move slowly towards him. And if that doesn’t work, charge him and hit him with everything you’ve got!”

“That’s crazy!” exclaimed Walter. “I’ll be too scared to do that. What if he attacks back?”

“Look around Walter,” replied his father. “What do you see?”

Walter looked around at the rest of his herd. There were about 200 massive beasts, all armed with sharp horns and huge shoulders.

“If you’re ever afraid,” said the father, “know that we’re here. If you panic and run from your fears, we can’t save you. But if you charge towards them, we’ll be right behind you.”

The young buffalo breathed deeply and nodded. “Thanks dad. I think I understand now.”

We’ve all got lions in our lives. We also have a choice in how we deal with them. We can avoid them, and run from them if ever confronted. Or, we can charge them, and hit them with everything we’ve got. Let them know that you’re not afraid.

Story and image from betterlifecoachingblog


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