What If?

I like to think that there’s something, someone or somewhere that we all want to be at some point in our lives. A goal of ours that, at the very least, keeps us asking “what if” time and time again.

Maybe you’re acting on that dream of yours, working hard everyday to get closer and closer to making it a reality. Or maybe you’re not sure how to start. Maybe yours is hard to achieve, you think people won’t understand why you’re reaching for it, you’re worried that you’ll work so hard only to be disappointed in the end because you didn’t make it as far as you wanted to go. For whatever reason, you’re doubting yourself and what you’re capable of, all the while still asking “what if.”

Well, let’s say one day you stopped asking the question and instead, starting answering it. What do you think your life would look like?  What about it would change? What doors would open for you as you begin your journey?

It’s important to accept who you are now in order to become who you want to be later. Realize that things might not be so great at the moment, but that they’re sure to improve with every day spent working towards that goal of yours. And whenever you have those days where you start losing hope and think about quitting, look to the years to come, and  how your future self will thank you for what you’re doing now. When your task feels meaningless to you, ask yourself why you started in the first place.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Laozi


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